Earthling Organza Bag-O-Plenty


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Organza Bag-O-Plenty

This 4" X 6" Organza Pawprint Earthling Bag-O-Plenty is packed the goodness of the Northwoods variety of fruits and berries from this season. These healthy treats are loved by all types of Earthlings of various species. Send some to friends too before they are gone. The Organza Paw Print Bags make for excellent gift giving and these pears taste like candy.

 Included in the Organza Earthling Bag-O-Plenty are:
Gooseberry, Strawberry, Plum, Peach, Blackberry/Apple and Pear Leathers, Blackberry Film, Plum Film, Peach Jerky, Strawberry Jerky and Pears .... these can all be considered candy and once your taste buds get a burst of these flavors you will never be the same.




Highlight Box


Original $10.00



Organza Bag-O-Plenty

Organza Pik-A-Mini



  What is Plum Film or Blackberry Film you ask? It is a very thin tissue like flake that you place on your tongue for a flavor burst.