Original Earthling Bags

Earthling Bags now offer you the opportunity to taste a little gourmet treat from the Northwoods. These sample bags include the following fruit leathers [made with Raw Unprocessed Northwoods Clover Honey]:
Gooseberry, Peach, Plum, Strawberry and Pear.

Additional snacks include Plums and Pears.

All profits from each sale goes directly to Dory and the Orphans Wildlife Orphanage [Northwoods Wildlife Orphanage on FaceBook]

Order Box



These won't be around for long so order yours while you can. Sorry but these are delivered to U.S. addresses only. Only $10.00 each .... send one to a friend too. For less than the cost of a fast food meal you can feed these wildlife orphans several meals and have a healthy snack.




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